The Problem With Packaged Water


It pollutes

80% of the bottles are never recycled. Plastics kill over 100,000 marine animals every year. By 2050, plastic will outweigh all fish in our oceans.


It's expensive

Packaged water can be 2500x or more expensive than tap water and 40x or more expensive than RO water.


It can be unhealthy

A study by State University of NY has
found micro plastics in 93% of bottled water samples. 259 bottles of water from 11 brands across 9 countries were tested.

How Does BluHop Work?

We are starting a Refill Revolution!

BluHop™ is a location based app that allows you to find nearby water bottle refill points and get accurate walking directions. Refill points include water vending machines, drinking water fountains and our other refill partners.

Just download our free app and get ready to walk up to nearest refill point. Time to say- “Hey Plastic! Meet BluHop™”!! as you save money and our environment.


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On one of the many trips I asked the question “Why must we keep buying and throwing away plastic water bottles?” That led to BluHop™. I am 14 yrs. old, saving the planet, one plastic bottle at a time.



Empowering citizens of the planet to say no to single use plastic water bottles with BluHop™. Making sure we cover some distance every day. 0.1% done.



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